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Edited by: Kimberlee Leonard
 and Reviewed: Kimberlee Leonard

Freshteam Review: Is It Right for Your Business?

Author: | Sep 5, 2023

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In late 2022, SaaS company Freshworks launched Freshteam, a solution designed to help with HR automation. Although Freshworks has temporarily paused new signups for, the solution is still in development, and existing customers continue to use it. Freshteam reviews can be useful in helping you decide whether it’s worth the wait so that you’ll be ready to try Freshteam once it’s available.


  • Robust Features Included with Free Plan
  • Email Templates for Candidate Email Interactions
  • Jobs Can Be Cross-Posted on Popular Job Boards


  • Temporarily pausing new signups
  • No phone or chat support option
  • Paid Plans Can Be Pricey

When to Use Freshteam

  • You want a free solution: The free version of Freshteam packs plenty of features.
  • You want an easy-to-learn solution: Despite its robust features, Freshteam has a user-friendly interface.
  • New candidate outreach is a priority: Freshteam cross posts to job boards like LinkedIn and Indeed to help extend your reach.

When to Use Something Else

  • Customer service is a priority: Freshteam’s customer service options are limited.
  • You’re ready to get started now: Freshteam is temporarily paused for new signups.
  • Those who frequently hire: Unlimited job postings can be pricey.

Deciding Factors

PriceFree for basic features. $1-$4.80 per month per user for paid plans. An additional platform fee applies to paid plans, and it ranges from $59 to $203 per month.
Ease of Use4/5: Freshteam includes a user-friendly interface that will ensure new users get up to speed quickly.
Support2/5: Support is only provided by email or through placing a support ticket.
Scalability5/5: Plans are priced per user, so you can increase as your team grows.
Number of Users4/5: There are limitations on the number of team members who can be added to hiring teams with certain plans, so in some cases, you need to upgrade simply to expand team access.

Freshteam Pricing and Features

One of the best things about Freshteam is that it comes with a free version. It’s good for up to 50 employees and includes the following features:

  • Build a hiring team for each job opening
  • Set up a customizable hiring process for each job opening
  • Use interview scorecards to track candidates
  • Display job postings on a non-customizable career site
  • Receive and manage applications in a team inbox
  • Manage employee referrals
  • Create canned responses to common queries
  • Manage tasks and to-do items
  • Schedule follow-up emails for interviews
  • Create an organizational chart
  • Manage time-off requests
  • Access the above features in the iOS or Android app
  • Post up to three jobs

But thorough Freshteam reviews will go through the app’s many paid features. Freshteam pricing gives you the option of either monthly or annual pricing. You can save a little money by paying yearly.

The lowest-tier paid plan costs $1.20 per month per user ($1 monthly per user annually). You’ll also pay a platform fee of $71 a month ($59 per month annually) It includes everything you get on the free plan, plus:

  • Create custom target URLs for jobs
  • Customize your interview scorecards
  • Set up multiple career mailboxes
  • Integrate with popular job boards
  • Enable vendor access to your job postings
  • Sync Google Calendar and Office 365 Calendar
  • View resume information on candidate’s pre-populated profile page
  • Set up automation for screening, follow-up, advancing interview states, and more
  • Gather analytics through the HR reporting feature
  • Integrate with full list of solutions, including Google Apps and Skype
  • Customize employee records to your needs
  • Manage HR documents
  • Set up onboarding and training with the self-service feature
  • Manage employee time off with advanced features
  • Post up to 20 jobs

Once you’ve exceeded 20 job posts, you’ll need to upgrade to the pro plan, which costs $2.40 a month per user plus $119 ($2 per user plus $99 for annual plans). In addition to posting up to 100 jobs, you’ll also get premium Freshteam features, including:

  • Manage job requisitions
  • Let multiple recruiters manage a job posting
  • Customize job fields
  • Manage jobs across multiple locations
  • Customize your career site
  • Increase visibility with sponsored job posts (integrated with Indeed)
  • Reduce clutter by merging duplicate job posts
  • Manage the talent pool
  • Easily vet applicants with the candidate sourcing extension
  • Generate offer letters and manage offers
  • View employees based on office location
  • Better manage time off with unlimited customizations
  • Onboard and terminate employees with full onboarding and offboarding features
  • Post up to 100 jobs

If you need the ability to post an unlimited number of jobs, the enterprise edition might be worth the money. It’s much pricier than lower-tier plans, with a cost of $4.80 per user per month plus $203 or $4 per user per month plus $169 for annual plans. There are a few extras you’ll get with this plan:

  • Export data with just one click
  • Customize user roles and privileges
  • Whitelist certain IP addresses
  • Export data
  • Post an unlimited number of jobs

Freshteam Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Full-featured free plan
  • Job postings can be shared to popular job boards
  • Large selection of applicant management tools


  • Limited customer support options
  • Most integrations not available with free plan
  • Paid plans can be pricey for bigger teams

Freshteam Customer Service

Freshteam reviews indicate customers are happy with the support they receive. You’ll be directed to the knowledge base, which is stocked with useful articles. You can search for specific topics or click on features to find articles specific to each.

But if you can’t find the information you need in the knowledge base, you can place a ticket or email [email protected]. There is no phone number specific to Freshteam support.

Freshteam Integrations

Freshteam works with a variety of solutions, but whether you can access them depends on the plan you choose. But even the lowest-tier plans will let you integrate with top job boards, including Glassdoor, Indeed, and LinkedIn. That lowest-tier plan will also let you integrate your Google and Office 365 calendars.

One of the best Freshteam integrations options is the ability to sign into Freshteam, Google, and LinkedIn with a single sign-in. This requires a paid plan, as does linking up to Skype Interviews, Google Hangouts Video Call, and specialized solutions like HackerRank and ClassMarker.

Is Freshteam Worth It? The Final Verdict

Freshteam reviews often focus heavily on the numerous features you’ll get. If you’re looking for an all-in-one hiring and recruitment tool, Freshteam is definitely worth checking out. With a free plan available, you’ll be able to try out features like Freshteam Payroll and Freshteam Time Off Management to see if they work for you. However, make sure you know the other options available before you upgrade to a paid plan to determine whether you’re getting the best deal.


What is Freshteam com? is a Freshworks solution that lets you track and manage employees from the job application stage all the way through scheduling and termination. The free plan has plenty of features to help small businesses with their basic hiring and HR management needs.

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