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About Us

Sifter is the place to go for in-depth reviews and how-to content that business owners need to keep their business flourishing.
Sifter was founded in 2022 by Jason Morrison, Jeremy Levine, and Kimberlee Leonard. The three worked together at Fit Small Business where they became experts at helping business owners understand business needs. The three combined their talents to create JJK Digital, which helps businesses get the digital exposure needed to make sales.
Not only does the team bring to the table over 10 years of affiliate marketing expertise, they have more than 19 years of experience in producing content readers get a benefit from. On top of their content marketing experience, the team brings real business experience to the table with more than 10 years in insurance and financial services and 25 years of sales and marketing experience.
Sifter relies on subject matter experts to create the content that is easy to understand and answers the questions that readers have.

Our Mission

Sifter’s mission is to help business owners sift through all the noise to help them move their business goals forward.

Our Values

Understanding your needs as a business owner

We take the time to learn about various businesses and industries to better understand what content will be helpful.

Taking the time to find the right answer

It takes time to dig into a topic and provide the best possible answer. This means we don’t partner with just anyone. We work with the best.

Collaboration is key

We know that we are stronger as a team with people working together towards a common goal.

Why should you trust us?

Honest Reviews

We don’t pull punches when talking about companies.

Actual Business Owners

Get advice from those who have professional experience in what we write about.


We only get paid if you find the advice valuable enough to click through to a partner. They pay us, not you.