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Edited by: Kimberlee Leonard
 and Reviewed: Kimberlee Leonard

BambooHR Competitors: Top 10 Alternatives

Author: | Oct 13, 2023

Editorial Note: We earn a commission from partner links on Go Sifter Advisor. Commissions do not affect our editors’ opinions or evaluations.

BambooHR competitors give you other options if you are running a small-to-midsize business (SMBs). Maybe your SMB already has a payroll service. Perhaps it needs a strong yet simple human resources platform. HR software solutions are the bread and butter of BambooHR. Hiring, performance reviews, and employee time tracking all features that come included with the platform. 

Say you and your small business are looking for a software to manage all your HR needs. Maybe you need payroll, too. Here are a few BambooHR competitors to try.

  • Zoho People: Best for daily task automation.
  • Workday: Best for user experience on a world wide scale.
  • SuccessFactors: Best for task assigning.
  • iCIMS Talent Acquisition: Best for talent management.
  • Recruitee: Best for customizable and brandable interface.
  • Planday: Best for employee scheduling.
  • Zoho Recruit: Best for staffing SMBs.
  • ADP Workforce Now: Best for single dashboard HR platform.
  • Breezy HR: Best mobile app.
  • TribePad: Best for employee engagement.

BambooHR vs Alternatives:

ProgramStarting PriceEmployee TrackingMobile AppPayroll Features
BambooHRBased on a quoteFeatures includedYesUnavailable
Zoho People$39 per month; $99 per month afterFeatures includedYesUnavailable
WorkDayBased on a quoteNot includedYesAvailable
SuccessFactorsBased on a quoteFeatures includedYesUnavailable
iCIMS Talent AcquisitionBased on a quoteSpecifically for hiringYesUnavailable
Recruitee$19 per month; $199 per month afterSpecifically for hiringYesUnavailable
Planday$2.99/ employee each month Features includedYesAvailable
Zoho Recruit$25/recruiter each month; $50/recruiter each month afterFeatures includedYesUnavailable
ADP Workforce NowBased on a quoteFeatures includedYesAvailable
Breezy HR$49 per month; $129 per month afterFeatures includedYesUnavailable
TribePadBased on a quoteFeatures includedYesUnavailable

10 Best BambooHR Competitors:

Finding an HR solution can be tough. The right BambooHR alternative can make your job easier. It all depends on what your company’s needs are and how many employees you have on staff. Some BambooHR competitors offer more features. How useful all the tools, integrations, and functionality hinges on your size and budget.

Zoho People: Best for daily task automation.

Attendance, out of office notices, and paid-holidays all live in one place with this BambooHR alternative. Zoho People is designed to up accuracy and take down redundancy. The only real feature it lacks is reliable customer service and support.


  • Scalable platform.
  • Real-time collaboration features.
  • Design allows for speedy HR workflows.


  • Poor customer service.
  • No payroll features.
  • Limited employee benefit tools.

Workday: Best for user experience on a world wide scale. 

This leader of global enterprise management is one of the best BambooHR competitors. Workday has more features and tools that other softwares do not. With a sleek and easy to use interface it is the human resource solution for modern business, just not small or boutique ones.


  • Easy to navigate interface.
  • Benefits administration included.
  • Bank statement reconciliation is automated.


  • Expensive for small businesses.
  • Pricing based on quote.
  • Lacks quality recruitment tools.

SuccessFactors: Best for task assigning. 

This BambooHR alternative merges talent management tools with a cloud-based HR application. The software is able to identify and assign tasks through an algorithm that develops with your company. It cannot match BambooHR for sharing job openings online via social networks and hiring boards.


  • Commitment to HR marketing that is cloud-based.
  • Tools for onboarding and social business included.
  • Features global systems recording.


  • Unable to post jobs online.
  • No payroll features.
  • Customizable employee profiles unavailable.

iCIMS Talent Acquisition: Best for talent management. 

This BambooHR competitor is able to track key metrics to hire quality candidates for open positions. Use it for online board postings and social media sites. iCIMS Talent Acquisitions does not have a centralized database of employee benefits.


  • Background checking tools available.
  • Resume search features included.
  • Customized career portals.


  • Pricing based on quote.
  • No payroll features.
  • Limited employee benefit tools.

Recruitee: Best for customizable and brandable interface. 

Make hiring and managing your employees a simplified and effective process. The BambooHR competitor eliminates the need to create job postings by offering 200 position templates for different jobs. Unfortunately there are no payroll tools included in the software.


  • Customized career portals.
  • Marketing tools available.
  • Employer branding editor part of package.


  • Poor customer service.
  • No payroll features.
  • Important functionality unavailable on the mobile app.

Planday: Best for employee scheduling. 

You need a BambooHR alternative that’s automated to plan staff calendars. Sleek templates make employee tracking easy. There’s no free frail or live demo offered for Planday.


  • Payroll feature included.
  • Drag and drop interface.
  • Employee data centrally stored.


  • Poor customer service.
  • No free trial.
  • Lacks training features.

Zoho Recruit: Best for staffing SMBs. 

This is the BambooHR competitor that allows small and growing businesses to automate hiring. Post job openings, research candidates, organize applications, and streamline workflow. Just keep in mind that if you need third-party integrations your options are limited to what Zoho offers.


  • Startups and single recruiters get free plans.
  • Employee benefit tools included.
  • Customizable app.


  • No payroll features.
  • Limited third-party integrations.
  • Interface not as user friendly as other BambooHR alternatives.

ADP Workforce Now: Best for single dashboard HR platform. 

With employee benefits administration, payroll features, and time tracking it is easy to see why ADP Workforce Now is a powerhouse software. Automation of human resource data sourcing and organizing lives on the platform’s unified dashboard. Pricing can be quite expensive depending on the HR needs of your company.


  • Highly rated mobile app.
  • Real-time and up to date analytics.
  • Tax filing tools available.


  • Pricing based on quote.
  • Expensive for small businesses.
  • Unable to use the dashboard to manage corporate activities.

Breezy HR: Best mobile app. 

This BambooHR competitor fits a company in motion. There’s no limit to candidates you can recruit. Unlimited users can join the platform. Best of all is that BreezyHR is affordable for small business owners. Unfortunately there is no employee benefits administration.


  • Payroll features included.
  • Source candidates from LinkedIn.
  • All necessary HR tools on one platform.


  • Lacks employee benefits administration.
  • Limited training features.
  • Not as scalable as other BambooHR alternatives.

TribePad: Best for employee engagement. 

If you are a company that does things differently consider this the BambooHR competitor for you. Applicant tracking is all web-based that allows an easy process for recruitment, hiring, and onboarding. Brand support is an added feature for no extra cost. TribePad is unable to calculate tax expenses and deductions related to your company and staff.


  • Social applicant tracking features included.
  • Free private demos available.
  • Pricing based on requested tools and add-ons.


  • Poor customer service.
  • No payroll features.
  • Lacks tax filing tools.

How We Evaluated BambooHR Competitors

This list is composed of the best BambooHR alternatives for small and mid-sized businesses. Top considerations included monthly costs and what was included in the price. Payroll inclusion featured heavily into the analysis and some BambooHR competitors did not offer these tools. Other aspects that were factored into the evaluation included mobile app capabilities, employee tracking functionality, and quality of recruitment processing.

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